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Thread: Rogue One Custom 3.75 Galen Erso (Lah'mu)

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    Rogue One Custom 3.75 Galen Erso (Lah'mu)

    Another Rogue One figure that I wanted, which had/has little to no chance of ever being produced is Galen Erso on Lah’mu. I really love this scene, and the feeling of approaching dread that comes with. Overall, it’s a simple costume for a simple life…Which I can dig.

    This figure was a fairly simple one to make. I kind of imagined this figure to be a character that Hasbro could have skimped on a bit, since it doesn’t really “NEED” leg articulation. I ended up using the upper torso of an articulated Luke Skywalker figure, the skirt and legs from a different Luke Skywalker figure (no clue which ones), and the head of the RO Galen Erso figure, which I added a bit of scruff to.

    Galen Erso (Lah’mu)

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    That's a nice piece of work there. Looks great and I wish we could get an articulated version of this Galen from Hasbro.
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    Well done! I wished for that figure as soon as I saw him on screen.
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    Thank you both! I really love this character design for some reason.

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