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Thread: Custom 3.75 SA The Force Awakens Han Solo

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    Custom 3.75 SA The Force Awakens Han Solo

    One figure that I have always wanted from the abysmal Force Awakens movie is Han Solo. Despite not enjoying the movie, Han Solo still serves as my favorite character, and it just made sense for a figure like this to be produced in the 3.75 TBS or TVC line. It has been several years since the film was released, so I thought it was about time that I made my own...

    Again, not having a plan when I started, I took several figures apart trying to decide what the best/easiest way to make a mostly screen accurate TFA Han Solo would be. Eventually, I ended up with the following combination:

    3.75 TBS Han Solo Head, Holster, and Lower Legs
    Sandstorm Han Solo Torso, arms, and Upper Legs
    TFA 5 POA Han Solo Jacket
    [Everything but his face (stupid wonky eyes) was repainted]

    The Force Awakens SA 3.75 Han Solo

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    Looks good! Good set of parts. Besides, the lazy eye thing is kind of a Hasbro Trade mark. Kind of like the old "backward thumb" G.I. Joe...

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    Thanks, and that's true, LOL. It wouldn't be a Hasbro figure without a lazy eye!!!

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