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Thread: Jon Kasdan tweets "52 useless factoids" from the making of Solo.

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    Jon Kasdan tweets "52 useless factoids" from the making of Solo.

    Worth a read for those interested. Surprised he goes into Lord and Miller's contributions that remained in the film after they were fired. I wish his father hadn't gone on a power trip and gotten them fired.

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    While I gave this list only a quick read, all the possible considerations that would have come to fruition IMO wouldn't have made this a 'better' movie. As I noted in an another thread (before even Solo was being considered a spin off movie), I envisioned his origins story to be a sort of 'coming of age' story inspired by the popularity of the 19th century seafaring novels (e.g Treasure Island, as a loose example). I figured an antihero like Solo would have had a backstory inspired by those classic stories as a sort of pastiche as a homage to Lucas' use of myth and legend in the Original Trilogy. And while I understand his support for Maul, I feel I'm one of those fans who feels against his resurrection. Yes, The Usual Suspects is a highly lauded film, I just didn't feel Maul fits the bill. And yes, I'll be looking for a certain Ithorian at Galaxy's Edge soon.
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    I too mostly just skimmed it looking for mentions of Lord and Miller. Learning that they were behind some of my favorite parts of the movie, makes me wish even more that they hadn't been fired.

    I think it was a bad choice to bring Maul back to life in the movies, considering the best possible stories that can be told with a revived Maul have already been told in the cartoons. His cameo was one of those things that was definitely meant as fan service for hardcore fans.

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