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Thread: Solo deleted scene Imperial Trial

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    Quote Originally Posted by MysterioMaximus View Post
    What you have now is a large percentage of the fanbase itself that just don't care where this goes anymore.

    I think it's foolish to think that The Last Jedi didn't have some financial effect on Solo's performance. I don't remotely think it's the only reason, but I certainly think it's one. After all, Last Jedi fans always comment about its critical scores on film review sites. So what?! The people that didn't like Last Jedi are the fans themselves, giving it the lowest of any SW film ever made. And those are the people that SEE these films, multiple times, which I think is just all the more evidence that yes, Last Jedi did effect, in ways, Solo under-preforming.
    Careful, you're about to feel the wrath of the Vicarious_Spin!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoneFett View Post
    Careful, you're about to feel the wrath of the Vicarious_Spin!!

    HA! Oh I'm used to it. You can't say ANYTHING positive OR negative about TLJ without, eventually, someone coming in and flipping their lid. Another undeniable fact proving TLJ is not vocally disliked by just a loud minority is simply this very reason. The militant state of the franchise and fandom. There wouldn't be such avid aggressive trolling in the fandom over the film had it been only a minority that disliked the film. I remember when TPM came out, even then it wasn't this hostile. But you can state literal facts...and they'll still call you a whiny crying fanboy or worse you're labeled insane things like racist, sexist, or bigoted. Yeah! Just because you didn't like a MOVIE! And at this state, with people at Lucasfilms themselves stoking the fire with juvenile and unprofessional comments toward the critical fans themselves, well it's just pointing out they're on the defensive. They know they screwed up, but they'll never admit it. I refuse to believe everyone that works for Lucasfilms actually loved or even liked Episode 8, that's frankly statistically impossible, they're just paid to say they do or keep their mouth shut.

    But I'd like to think, ultimately, most people are reasonable enough to have their opinion on the state of the franchise, be it positive or negative, share that...have a healthy and respectful debate...and move along with their day. It's a sad state of affairs when that's more than the director of The Last Jedi can even freaking do...

    Truth be told, I've actually really enjoyed (mostly) the Disney SW films, predominately more than the prequels even. I rather liked The Force Awakens, though I feel it's somewhat tainted now. I LOVED Rogue One to Original Trilogy levels of adoration. I didn't even hate Solo, I thought it was alright. Not bad. It's JUST that The Last Jedi for me was so utterly terrible, personally the worst SW installment ever for me, that I just don't care what's going to happen to these characters.
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    The problem with TFA, is that it is a tribute film to you know what. So it doesn't have that long lasting rewatchability to it that ANH does, or any of the OT movies for that matter. IMO
    I tried watching it the other night on TNT, I found myself turning to something else about the time Rey left Jakku. I can watch certain parts with Han & Chewie, but most of the stuff just feels like it's going through the motions. Yet I've watched ANH and ESB 2-3 times this past week! lol
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    for myself, I would agree, I've never been less interested in Star Wars. I honestly don't care what they do with it at this point. I felt exactly the same about the old EU. I didn't follow it, I didn't read it, I didn't care. certainly not enough to actually "begrudge" the fans who liked it -- (I never cared enough about the old EU to bitch about the storylines, nor shake my fist at the misdirection of the 'franchise') -- I just honestly didn't care if it existed or not. and that's where we're at now with the movies. even the folks who actually "cared" enough to bitch about the Last Jedi, have lost the will to fight about it. the most Die-Hard Fans have given up. nobody cares anymore.

    and yes, for years I've been saying "It's All EU Now", but to be honest, that wasn't entirely accurate until NOW -- that was when most people still cared about the movie franchise -- (but 'most people' NEVER cared about the old "EU") -- so there's always been THAT distinction: the movies have always been 'more important' to people who "Care". but that distinction is now gone. it literally IS "all EU now", because, now, nobody actually cares about SW anymore (no more than they ever cared about the Yuzzan Vong). the most devoted and passionate fanbase in the history of cinema, is no longer "devoted" to the NuFranchise (any more than life-long Trek fans, are suddenly now "devoted" to Chris Pine). the "passion" is gone from the fanbase.

    which, I suppose, is to be expected. Chris Pine cannot MAKE lightning strike twice by the sheer force of his will -- TOS was a product of its time -- it could never be "replaced" by an "always-wrong" Kirk and a "child-like-version" of Spock. by the same token, Star Wars was a product of its time -- (and now the kids have their Marvel Movies) -- so it's basically just a nostalgia franchise now, like the "NuGhostbusters" or the "NuTrek" (or the inevitable Godzilla Reboot which can NEVER "replace" the Original).

    I mean, just because they made a Trek movie with Chris Pine, this didn't "erase" the original franchise; it didn't "replace" the original actor; it hindsight, looking back on the history-of-Trek, it was a bit of a non-event in the end. (ie: when people think of "captain kirk" they still think of Shatner. this has NOT changed). the "NuTrek" franchise was really just a blip on the cosmic radar. nobody really cares much about it (not in the way they STILL care about TOS). there are no "fanatical" NuTrek fans. (like there have always been "fanatical" TOS fans). it's just not the same.

    it's sort of sad when you think about it, but at the end of the day, TOS is over and done -- that cultural phenomenon can't be "Replaced" by Chris Pine -- that's ridiculous. and now finally, I think we're starting to realize, Luke can't be "Replaced" by Rey EITHER.. it was never even possible to begin with. these "Tribute" movies are just a blip on the SW radar. the original SW is over and done.

    SW literally is, "all EU now" -- c/w the same level of audience participation now -- (Robot Maul = Yuzzan Vong) same shit, different bucket -- who can possibly "care" about this stuff? it's all just another Chris Pine Trek Movie; it's all just another EU comic book; it's all just another "Ghostbusters Reboot".

    TLJ ended the passionate fanaticism of the last 40 years, like waking up from a dream.. *poof!* .. suddenly, nobody "cares" about SW anymore. suddenly, it's just another "Tribute Movie" franchise, exactly like NuGhostbusters. and YES! this disillusionment effected the BO numbers for "Solo" (!) -- no doubt about it.
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    short version:

    TLJ did NOT cause people to "boycott" Solo. (people only "boycott" things they care about). it's worse.

    TLJ caused people to stop caring about SW. (like they stopped caring about Winnie the Pooh)*

    * @Disney: Good Luck With That.
    "Is there anyone on this ship, who even remotely, looks like Satan?" -- James Kirk, U.S.S. Enterprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MysterioMaximus View Post

    The House of Mouse purchased the rights to capitalize, to commercialize, to make money and churn a profit. That's fine, that's capitalism, I get it's a business. But there is no company more shameless in their marketing. It's like that line in Jurassic Park,

    "You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could and before you even knew what you had you patented it and packaged it and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now you’re selling it, you want to sell it."

    This sort of mentality, this over-saturation of a brand, breeds one thing...particularly when the quality fluctuates due to this constantly moving assembly line instead of actually being well planned out - fatigue.
    There's just no care put into the production of these new Diswars films (I'll exclude 'Rogue One', because Edwards did a great job there, despite Kennedy's interference). Say what you want about George Lucas, and I'd have my share of criticisms, but he put a lot of love, FIRST AND FOREMOST, into his films. The original Star Wars was a labour (in the real sense of the word) of love and it shows on screen.

    These new Diswars movies are a factory line, designed to saturate a marketplace and maximise profit. There's little care involved, except for the care of money...and it shows on screen.

    When your product is a soulless attempt just to profit on someone else's groundwork, that will come through and people will eventually just lose interest in what's being produced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MysterioMaximus View Post
    All I can add is my own two cents, ....yadda yadda blahblah
    Just being facetious because it's a long post!


    You have articulated my own feelings 100% precisely. Very well put, sir.
    May you live in interesting times.

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    You know, thanks guys. I really thought I'd be chewed a new one, so the response was surprising for me. It's sort of bitter sweet though. It's nice to know I'm not the only one, apparently far from, who feels this way. But it's sad to know this is the state of the franchise.

    I mean, I can only speak for myself, but never has there been a moment when I didn't care about Star Wars. That is...until now. It's a new feeling, reaction, emotion. More power to those who do enjoy it, but personally I don't anymore. I just don't care where these characters go. I'm not invested. And I don't think it's because I am "old," I'm not that old! 33! It's because these characters weren't written with care and depth. Literally seven and eight contradict each other, there clearly was no outlining plan to this. They just...are. They;re good at things because they are. That's literally the explanation. That is not interesting to me, nor investing.
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