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Thread: Looking for value on my MOC Takara Darth Vader

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    Looking for value on my MOC Takara Darth Vader

    A little back story on me,

    I was between the ages of 5 and 12 during the initial release of the original trilogy. Every birthday/christmas was only about Star Wars. I played with every Star Wars toy I can get my hands on. I did pack up most of my toys and stored them in my parent's basement. I still have a ton of those.

    Flash forward to the early 90s, the Star Wars bug bit me again, so I started collecting again. Nothing serious, but a good chunk of any money I got as a young adult when to beer, girls and Star Wars. My intent was to hand down all my stuff to my kids, so they can enjoy the Star Wars universe like I did.

    Flash forward to today. My son is 9 years old, and sadly has little interest in Star Wars. Except for Lego sets. He is a true nerd that prefers coding over Calrissian, Roblox over the Rebellion, and Rube Goldberg over R2-D2.

    So now, I am looking to unload some of my stuff, and focus on my core Star Wars interests. I have a few of my favorites, that I have been considering selling.

    The first is a 12 Back Takara Darth Vader. It is in fairly decent condition except for a few things.

    1) Minor bubble dent, although bubble is clear
    2) Takara sticker minor peeling.
    3) Like an idiot, I had it autographed. As stated earlier, I never intended to sell my collection. I purchased this Takara from a Los Angeles Sci-Fi convention in 1992. At this convention, there happened to be a few special guests. Warick Davis, Jeremy Bulloch, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, and yes Dave Prowse. After dropping my bills on the figure, I walked it over to Dave Prowse and had him sign it. I know...some think that is taboo. One cool thing is how he signed it...Dave Prowse IS Darth Vader! An obvious jab on those that think James Earle Jones is the real Darth Vader.

    Attached are some pics...looking for a fair price that I could ask for this amazing figure. All picture were taken as it is in a protective case, so that is why it may be a little blurry.

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    Hey poke, the card condition and autograph really hurt the value. It is I believe the alternate sculpt takara Vader which can sell for over 1k loose! I would guess a fair price would be $1500-2,000! Those white background takara Vaders are not so common. Hope this helps,K

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    Thanks a lot, I appreciate the response. That is in line with what I am hearing from local shops and other places I have inquired about it. Now, just to decide to let it go or not.

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