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Thread: 3D Printing: Tutorials, Tips and questions.

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    Hey, I just discovered a new poster on Thingiverse that is making a lot of droids from Star Wars in 3.75 scale!
    Yeah I requested an MK and he made it. Isotelus is really churning out the background droids, especially from Solo. I've printed out six so far and I'm really loving and appreciating that he made these models and was cool enough to put them in 3 3/4 scale and actually add some basic articulation.

    And I really want to scale some up to 6" and down to Legion scale too. He's definitely a boon to the collecting community that prints. :{J
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    If you need anything 3d Printed PM me. :{J

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    I've had no luck with printing at the library. I think my prints are too small for it to handle or it isn't balanced.
    However, I did find this search engine:https: //
    It checks out different sites.

    I also found this article that lists a bunch of diferent sites.

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