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Thread: Kathleen Kendy to receive new lifetime achievement award from the Acadamy

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    I don't hate her like some seem to. But I definitely will not miss her when she's gone, unless her replacement is twice as bad. lol
    If she truly is responsible for the direction SW has taken that is. But I thought that I heard Iger state he would helm that ship from the beginning, so I feel some of it lays at his doorstep. Then again, he's supposedly stepping down in 2019. So if all this is going to happen, I sure hope some competent people are put in place by then. The future of Star Wars beyond the Skywalker saga is kind of hat I was looking forward to.
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    ahh ok... wondering why she's still there, maybe after the award ?..ahh makes sense then
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    Nope not yet 18 days left till that rumor is over
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