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Thread: My Jabbaís Throne Room diorama (under construction)

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    My Jabbaís Throne Room diorama (under construction)

    Hello, Iíve always wanted a diorama of Jabbaís palace. Something structural. It doesnít have to light up or be perfectly scaled. I just wanted something functional. Buying one is difficult. And Iím not at all artistically inclined. But I bit the bullet, went to Loweís, bought some foam board, a utility knife and Xacto knife, glue, a few rulers and away I went. I figure start with the main room with the trap door, grate, archway over Jabba, and the staircase leading up to the dais.
    Iím posting my progress because Iíd like to get your input and tips, and hopefully inspire other non-artistic people (such as myself) to at least give it a try. So far itís quite fun! I found cutting the foam to be a little frustrating because my razor isnít long enough to make a clean cut, so thatís why I either wrapped and/ or covered pieces with duck tape (tan colored). need to figure out how to create a grate, and I will need to paint the floor and the arches.

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    For the life of me, I don’t know why it uploads a photo upside down, but here is day two!

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    It is looking good so far!
    The grate can be made from cutting out cardboard. The easy way would be to just glue it on top. However, if you want it to be flat then you either need to shave off the top until it fits, or remove the grid part of the floor and fill it with cardboard until the grate is the right height.

    However, things will have to be different if you want both grates and the ability to see below.

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    Hi Utinniii, thanks! I totally redid the stairs as can be seen in the original photo and hope to finish the background of the dais today. The goal is to next work on the side entrance, and then the alcove where the creatures sit. As for the grating. Iíve been debating whether to use a color photo copier (I have the Hasbro diorama and could use that for reference). I donít care about the gates actually moving from open to close. I figure I could make two different sets and swap them out. But Iíll figure it out. I literally took today off from work so I could drop off and pick up my son for his first day of school, AND to work on this!

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    For the life of me, Rebelscum, as much as I like your forums, the photo uploading sucks. No matter what I upload, it flips it upside down. So, anyway, here’s day three — please keep in mind I have never made a diorama of any type before in my life, and I’m 42.

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    Looking good! Keep it up
    Please read my version of the Star Wars prequels and let me know what you think!

    Check out the Rebelscum Custom Dioramas Index!

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    You've made some great progress there!
    I'm glad you did the booths. They were always more interesting to me and in a diorama, one has more figures facing the front and not back.

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    Thanks Utinniii and Daigo. I know it'll look better once sanded. (Can you sand down foam? I've never tried.)
    I'm going to build walls and a ceiling for the stairwell leading into the throne room, and next will work on the little alcove leading into the trophy room, then the trophy room itself.

    Question: When the time comes, what is the best paint to use?
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    Foam can be sanded (although I never bother to). I just covered the whole thing with Plaster of Paris, or grout (which is coarser). I mix acrylic paint into it (cheap stuff) and just trowel it on. It is just as fast as painting, but much easier as it isn't as precise. It adds a nice texture to the walls and fills in seams. Next I will give it a dark brown wash to fill in the cracks, and a light black wash, darker near the floor. My final step is to take a light tan and drybrush some highlights on the walls. Add some mold, stains and blood spatter and you are all set.

    I'm not a fan of oil or enamel paint because of the smell, drying time and how they react to certain plastics. Don't use tempera paint as it never permanently dries.

    What kind of tape are you using? If it is duct/duck tape, I don't know if the plaster will stick to that as I've never used it. That, I would definitely sand. Masking tape is fine. I don't use plastic tape anywhere I intend to paint, although someone with more experience might tell you differently. Like you, my first dioramas were made through trial and error. I like to test things out for myself rather than read the best way to do it (and I used whatever materials I had on hand, not what was best for the project).

    If you intend to paint the arch designs, I recommend using a watercolor pencil crayon. You can get the detail you want, and then when you carefully take a damp brush to it, the paint fills in the cracks. Some stores sell them individually so you don't need to buy a set.

    Have you considered lights? Battery LEDs work well and don't require any electrical skills. It is best to make this decision before you fix the ceiling.

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    This is all great to know. Yes, Iím using tan duck tape, but I should be able to remove it. I
    want to complete all the rooms before painting. Iíll show off the rough structures when Iím done and then pick your brain again about painting etc.

    All in all, this is really fun!

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