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Thread: I have a question about the use for a Star Wars tin box

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    I have a question about the use for a Star Wars tin box

    I was at a B & F store aka Ben Franklin downtown store and was roaming the toys section.

    I dunno what its used for mostly, but its a newer Star Wars tin box thing Im assuming its to store either action figures or at least Star Wars matchbox/Hot wheels stuff?

    Anyone else know what those tin box things are used for mostly?

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    There have been many tin boxes released over the years. Unless you have a pic or more specific info, just use it for whatever you want. My 7 year old uses one made for the hot wheels type ships for a piggy bank..

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    Well for one thing, this tin box is more recent since Force Awakens.

    the inside of it looks like you can put action figures in it or at least hot wheels/match box cars in it or whatever. I dont know.

    That is why I am asking

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    I recall seeing original trilogy ones that resembles scaled down retro-metal lunch boxes for $5 at Tuesday morning. As for uses, I personally use them for storing figure accessories and instruction booklets from vehicles/playsets.
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    The Star Wars storage tin box Im talking about is the one from Neat O.

    The tin case has an orange handle.

    Its used to either store hotwheel cars or action figures. I dunno

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    LOL I have the same one! TIE fighter shooting at the Millennium Falcon on the front, space scenes on all the other sides...? The plastic framework inside is removable. My son uses it to keep his money. The original use was for the die cast ships that come with stands I think..

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    well thats what i thought where its mostly used to store a few matchbox or hotwheels cars. Nice looking storage tin with an orange handle but its pretty spendy at 12 bucks at the Ben Franklin/B & F store downtown.

    But i guess it can be used as a small storage for action figures too or not

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