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Thread: Rian Johnson's trillogy is still being made

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    - there's a you-tuber called Mike Zeroh. he makes clickbait speculation videos (on par with the all those thousands of "who is snoke.." videos, and " Rey a Skywalker" videos -- the kind of speculation that Disney RELIES on, to keep SW relevant around the water cooler).

    - so Mike Zeroh posted a video last week claiming he has "inside-information", from an employee at Lucasfilm, who tells us: Rian Johnson's Trilogy is on hold, pending the release of IX.

    - the source says: at this moment in time, Disney is ONLY willing to give Rian a single film, and IF that film succeeds, then Disney will consider expanding it to a trilogy -- but at this particular moment in time, there are NO plans for Disney to greenlight an entire trilogy (because that would be stupid) -- the MOST they will greenlight is just a single film (because that makes fiscal sense).

    - so somebody asked Rian on Twitter, if Rian is "still working" on writing his trilogy. Rian said "Yup!" with a fist-bump emoji.

    - the very next day, when Rian learned that his "Yup" response had been prompted by one of Mike Zeroh's Videos -- this touched a nerve -- and Rian went ballistic. (probably? because his trilogy IS on hold). so he lashed out at Mike Zeroh.

    - Rian Revealed: the word "Zeroh" was a running gag on Rian's movie set. he said '..everytime somebody would toss a crumpled piece of paper into the trash, and it would fall out of their hand and land behind them, the staff would say he "Zeroh'ed" it...' -- in reference to Mike Zeroh -- who Rian implies, is 'always wrong' (and/or, 'a piece of trash').

    read: Rian hated this man so much , that he actually used this "SW Fan's" name as an "insult-meme" in real life --> with a single tweet, Rian revealed himself to be a "Real Life" Bully, attacking Disney's Most Valuable Asset -- The Fans.

    problem: this reveals an "On Set" mindset : it reveals an attitude of contempt towards 'The Fans' which was present "ON SET" -- it supports the theory that 'Rian Hates SW Fans' and he ONLY made this movie to UPSET people -- it reveals Rian to be a "ManBaby" (HIS word)

    -->> so Disney 'jerked his leash', and within 24 hours, he deleted his offensive tweets. why? because Disney did NOT want their Star Director to engage in twitter wars with their Customers -- especially not one of their Customers who works tirelessly to keep SW relevant around the water cooler -- because Disney RELIES on these fans to keep SW "relevant" -- (and they want the Fan-Led Solo-Boycott to STOP) -- they don't want their employees to engage in a 'PERSONAL' hate-war, with their most loyal customers. (some would say these are "kids movies" afterall, how does it look when their Star Director engages these "kids" on their own level, and acts the child HIMSELF..? the word "ManBaby" comes to mind).

    ^^ it SEEMS that Rian got feedback from ABOVE : in the War between Rian and The Fans ... Disney FINALLY sided with "the fans", for the first time ever.

    Rian deleted his bullying tweets , then sulked back to his corner with his tail between his legs. [/The End]?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt60 View Post
    he's fallen into the same camp as Lindsey Lohan.
    Bite your tongue, Cobalt… That immature phoney isn’t worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Lindsay, let alone compared to her.

    Lilo only stole jewelry, not online fanfic.

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    when you think about it ..

    GL set out to make movies that would 'SELL'. movies that would 'appeal' to everyone. from western-fans, to romance-fans, to fantasy-fans.
    when it comes to the PT, half of the audience hated it. (oh well you can't please everyone -- at least the franchise still makes money, SW fans are a loyal bunch).

    JJ set out to make a movie that everyone would LOVE. a movie FOR the fans. a love letter TO "the fans".
    when it comes to TFA, half of the audience hated it. (oh well, you can't please everyone -- at least the franchise still makes money, SW fans are a loyal bunch).

    Rian states that he's not interested in making movies that people will love; he doesn't care if they "sell"
    he WANTS 1/2 the audience to hate his movies. that's more interesting to him.

    Rian SET OUT to make a movie that half the audience would hate. he included all kinds of 'hate-worthy' moments, for all different 'types' of fans.
    only a small percentage of the fanbase has been willing to even 'defend' this movie. (oh well, you can't PISS OFF everyone -- SW fans are a loyal bunch).
    but note: the SW franchise is NOW losing money at the box office, for the first time in recorded history. let that sink in. "SW is NOW losing money at the box office".

    it seems to me, if Rian wanted for "1/2 the audience to hate his movies" then he should have just done like JJ and GL and made the "best" movie he could make.
    he should have tried his best to make a movie that ALL fans would LOVE -- he SHOULD have just acted in Good Faith.

    in that case: the results were guaranteed: 1/2 the audience would hate it. because:"SW". done and done. LOL!

    but unfortunately, by 'TRYING' to make a movie that (even some?) people would hate -- (who DOES that!?) -- he ended up going too far.
    he betrayed the trust of the audience. and now: SW is losing money at the box office. (SW fans are a loyal bunch -- but they're not THAT loyal).

    --> Rian found the event horizon : the LIMIT of the fan's loyalty. (I never even knew it existed).
    now the fanbse is fractured and disillusioned. nobody 'cares' anymore. and SW is losing money at the box office. (I never even thought this was POSSIBLE).

    this was an "interesting" social experiment, to say the least.
    not quite "worth it" from Disney's POV. but definitely "interesting" from Rian's POV. I guess he got what he wanted.
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    The problem is, IMO, the wrong movie lost Money. I blame TLJ for Han Solo's week returns. Because I'd definitely watch Solo again over TLJ!
    Is it odd that Solo under performed on the heels of TLJ? Or that it is a better Movie? Or simply Franchise fatigue?
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    No. 'Solo' really isn't that good.

    It gets a pass in some respects because it wasn't as bad as 'The Last Jedi', relatively speaking. But, it still isn't a good film.

    And "Franchise fatigue" doesn't exist. If a series of films are uniformly good, there's no fatigue.

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    holy crap colbot the mental gymansitcs and huge leaps in your logic are astounding.

    Seriously take a day off and recoup. This can not be healthy for you

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    so I just looked up the guy Zeroh and yeah... that guy is trash. he manages to put out about 6 to 7 videos a day about star wars rumors he makes up.

    I follow a lot of people in the Star Wars area of youtube and never heard of this guy and now i see why

    He does an episode called
    "Star Wars Episode 9 Emperor Palpatine! Potential Spoilers"
    what spoilers???

    This guy isn't a fan nor does he represent the fans he is a leach who is trying to become Youtube famous by churning out crap.

    Just a quick look and the guy has at least 5 Episode 8 full plot leaks and all of them are 100% wrong with no basis in reality.

    My favorite is this one
    Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi Plot Leak | Rey Loses An Arm! Massive Injury?

    This guy is the Alex Jones of Star Wars videos

    "I've been in touch with locals in Ireland who are leaking me information that Daisy Ridley's arm was covered in a green screen sleve"

    Sorry Colbolt Disney is NOT relaying on this guy to keep Star Wars relevant.


    OMG OMG OMG this video click to 1:05

    HAHA This HAS to be a parody account. I mean OMFG do people actually take this guy serious? So far i've watched a few of his old Ep8 rumor vidoes and not a single one of them is even close to accurate. I mean simple things that you could have guessed right after seeing a trailer he manages to mess up
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    I looked and didn't see any articles talking about backlash against Rian's tweets about Zeroh. I'm sure he got some negative tweets in response but far from a "backlash". His tweet wasn't even remotely in the same realm as the tweets that got Gunn in trouble. Rian made fun of the modern version of supershadow and Gunn made some dark, over the top jokes that people didn't get. Just wishful thinking on some people's part.
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    Wow! You just don't get it do you V_F
    I'm not a fan of Zeroh either, he is completely redundant with his stories, but he's honest and reports nothing as fact, only rumours, which is his right. But there's no denying he is a huge fan of Star Wars, and he has a huge following.

    The point is Ruin Johnson is the original and biggest Manbaby of them all. If Zeroh really doesn't matter why does Ruin even bother bullying him? Or even care who he is?
    It's just another case of Lucasfilm employees calling names and bullying the FANS when somebody says something they don't like.

    We all get it, you love TLJ, you love Ruin Johnson, but you cannot deny that Lucasfilm is losing fans with their public relations tactics.
    If none of these people matter to Lucasfilm, then just STFU! Stay off Twitter! Stop attacking the people that you want, wait NEED, to go see your movies!
    Because it isn't the SJW's (who the current leadership seems to be catering to) that will go see Ep9, they are done with Star Wars, they are happy to leave the Fandom divided and in shambles. They're onto the next hot property/cause to ruin.

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    Bob Iger said the fans are "the Engine" , and he wants to get the Engine running again.
    he wants to improve relations with The Fans. this is Disney's #1 priority.

    say what you want about Mike Zeroh, he OBVIOUSLY loves star wars.
    or he wouldn't spend so much time scrutinizing and analyzing every little shred of rumor.
    he's an obsessive fan. like all the millions of fans who Disney WANTS to have back.
    he represents the obsessive fandom which Disney calls "The Engine".

    Rian revealed an ongoing 'Grudge Match', that was ever-present, ON SET -- a grudge match against 'The Engine'
    Rian encouraged his crew to make fun of The Engine -- as if, he was making this movie to spite them.
    (well 1/2 of them, anyways. LOL)

    if I'm Bob Iger , I'm pissed right off at Rian Johnson --> I'm realizing, that little ****er did this On Purpose.
    he purposefully popped the clutch , and 'stalled' The Engine intentionally. just to be a dick.
    because he thought it would be "interesting", to make human beings Hate something they Love.
    (well 1/2 of them, anyways. LOL)

    like it was all just a big Social Experiment.
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