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Thread: 75098 Assault On Hoth

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    UCS Hoth Echo Base

    This set has been rumored all year, and I've always held out hope that it was just that - a rumor. But the mini movie that Lego released yesterday would seem to confirm that we are indeed getting a UCS Hoth Echo Base set. I imagine it will be revealed at SDCC this weekend. The silver lining for me is that, if the video is to be taken as evidence of what's to come, I don't see any microfigures in the set. The video seems to show just standard minifigures, which would increase the chances that I might grab one of these eventually. Beyond that, my overwhelming concern is that this set will feel like a bunch of smaller playsets thrown together, instead of one cohesive unit like the Ewok Village. Of course, I still can't believe that Cloud City gets passed over for sets like this. I'm guessing that the piece count for the eventual UCS Cloud City will be in the 3000 - 4000 range, and maybe they're waiting to retire the Death Star before they roll out that bad boy. My bet on this set will be 1800 - 2300 pieces. I just hope it comes with a slew of taun-tauns along with the shield generator and ion cannon.
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    Can you link that video ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rgeezzy View Post
    Can you link that video ?
    Try this out: LEGOŽ Star Wars
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    Ughhh! Man I hope this actually isn't true. I want a Cloud city USC. There have been more Hoth sets and Hoth related ships etc then anything in the Star Wars Line.

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    It's true. Info has been floating around for several months now. At this point, it's only a question of when they'll officially reveal the set.

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    It's supposed to be released in Oct. VIP's usually get a week or maybe 2 early access and the designer video is released maybe a week before that....

    So my guess is sometime in Sept...though late August is a possibility too.

    Though it's possible that the Sept 4th date throws a monkey wrench in the normal schedule and they will want to try to introduce the Hoth set separately so it doesn't get pushed aside in all the force awakens commotion.

    Long story short, a month or 2.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it.
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    Easy pass for me, since I already have 3 "Hoth" dioramas setup.

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    Yeah I love the ucs sets and would love a ucs at-at but this sounds lame. I'm hothed out.

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    My thought was, even though it will be a lot of remakes, the Ion Cannon and Shield Generator are enough to make me excited for it. They seem like a necessary addition to me.

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