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Thread: LEGO Star Wars 2019 News and Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kneel_Before_Zod View Post
    Dear 2019, please give us a classic ROTJ, UCS A-Wing.

    Thank you.
    This, and also please give us a small set that contains a Zuckuss minifigure, so we can finally complete the LEGO bounty hunter set.

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    Id love to see a Lars Homestead. And also a (groan from everybody else) Cantina playset with Walrus Man and Snaggletooth. Suggestion: an all new Cantina Battle pack with Evazan and a bar section would be cool.... Also might be interested in a Yavin set if done right... Ceremonial Leia please!

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    I really think they ought to just to a SW themed minifigure series. It's a good way to get figures we otherwise likely wouldn't like Evazan, Ponda, and Hammerhead.
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    Heres to hoping...and Rebellions are built on hope.

    Im trying to stay positive about the releases for the anniversary of the theme, unfortunately LEGO has dropped the brick on more than one occasion. Having said that, I can think of a set or two from every episode that I would enjoy...

    Episode I - Jedi Council Chamber
    Epispde II - Clone Trooper training area on Kamino with Mandalorian Instructors (from Legends books)
    Episode III - Darth Vader with 501st troopers (non-Clone Wars LEGO versions)
    Episode IV - Rebel Base on Yavin 4, Death Star Conference Room
    Eposode V - Bridge of Executor (or any Imperial Star Destroyer)
    Episode VI - Inferno Squad

    Its a small, but humble wish list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImperialBricks View Post
    Epispde II - Clone Trooper training area on Kamino with Mandalorian Instructors (from Legends books)
    Does LFL allow non-canon toys? I don't follow Hasbro enough to know if they get to make them.

    But anyway, let's not turn this into a wishlist thread (we can by all means have one of those) but keep it on target to discuss rumours we're hearing about next years sets. We do have separate threads for Resistance and 20th Anniversary, but there's no reason that these topics can't also be discussed in this thread.
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    my wish list:

    ANH: UCS Cantina (fully detailed)
    ESB: UCS Dagobah (with Swamp and UCS Falcon deep in it)
    ROTJ: UCS Throne Room and UCS Jabba's Palace

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    I'd like a UCS Yavin 4.
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