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Thread: FS Master Replicas Lightsabers/Blasters (Lower Prices) (Never Displayed_Original Shippers)

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    FS Master Replicas Lightsabers/Blasters (Lower Prices) (Never Displayed_Original Shippers)

    Here is the remaining list of my Master Replicas collection for sale.

    The prices below all include the paypal fees (3.1%), the shipping (which is priority mail, 2 day shipping, packaging materials, and insurance usually costing combined $75), and the MR items.
    Some negotiation might be possible with a few items. So whatever price you offer would be all_inclusive. No payment plans please (several have already asked).

    I prefer to ship in the continental US but we can negotiate if you want it shipped outside the lower 48.

    **All of these are new in the original shipping box, never been displayed (unless otherwise stated)

    If you are interested please pm me your email address and I will send you high-def images

    Lowered prices:

    Han Solo (ANH) Blaster Elite ($1800)

    (SOLD) Han Solo (ANH) Blaster Elite (*All but original shipper) ($1600) (SOLD)

    Han Solo (ESb) Blaster LE ($1300)

    (SOLD) Luke Skywalker ROTJ (V1) Elite Lightsaber ($2250) (SOLD)

    Luke Skywalker ROTJ (V2) Signature Edition Lightsaber ($2500)

    (SOLD)Luke Skywalker ANH Signature Edition Lightsaber ($2000)(SOLD)

    Luke Skywalker (ANH) Elite Edition Lightsaber (X2) ($1500 each)

    (SOLD) Darth Vader (ANH) Dual Signature Ed. Lightsaber ($2300) (SOLD)

    Darth Vader (ESb) Signature Edition Lightsaber ($2200)

    (SOLD) Ahsoka Tano EFX Lightsaber ($1100) (SOLD)
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