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Thread: New MEGO retro figures

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    Some nice new horror assortment they've got. Freddy looks great, and I'd be happy with a GID Frankenstein since I missed the first one.

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    I think I prefer the initial Frankenstein, glad I got a minty-one under 20 shipped. 1 popped up on a couple days ago and shipping plus tax was more than the ebay price I paid so, I'm happy. Now I just gotta keep it hidden until valentines
    But I guess Invisible Man is next to p/u as well as KISS Spaceman and Catman. I hope though when those 2 are released, the packaging isn't altered even though the new artwork photo look a lot better on these 2019 figures. Perhaps the best chance though of same package art is if those 2 remain Target excls
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    BBTS has the new figures up for pre-order here. I ordered the set of Trek figures and singles of the two vampires.

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    on ebay, i saw carded images of mego kiss' spaceman and catman. carded are identical (at least the front, i assume backside as sell) as the released Demon and Starchild
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    The new Wrath of Khan figures are amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zepp_Head View Post
    The new Wrath of Khan figures are amazing!
    Mine are in route and should be here before the end of the week! I'm super excited.

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    Does anyone know if the new Star Trek Mego phaser and communicator accessories are an exact match to the vintage 70's accessories? Im looking to buy vintage on ebay but don't want to buy a vintage price only to find out theyre new accessories.

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