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Thread: Tightening joints (PotF2)

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    Tightening joints (PotF2)

    I received a small lot of figures that are a little worse for wear. I am hoping to salvage them to give to my son to play with. I'm not sure if the wobbly heads and free spinning waists would bug him, but they sure as heck bug me! The figures in question are a PotF2 TIE Pilot and a PotF2 Death Star Gunner..

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    I had a TIE Pilot I broke as a kid I fixed with a screw for neck post. I wrecked the DS Gunner in boiling water. His glossy chest armor became clouded. Oh well I'll find another cheap loose one.

    As for loose joints, I found you can wrap a thread into the seam until the waist becomes tight if anyone else wants to fix a similar issue.

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    Glossy Black paint should fix the Gunner.
    I've heard (but not tried) using hot glue or bits of fabric to fix joints. With the glue, keep spinning the arm so it doesn't lock in place.

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    I'll try the paint before buying another DS Gunner. I was saving Death Star/Yavin stuff for Christmas so I've plenty time either way.

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    I had a mint DS Gunner head in my parts bin. I cracked the DS Gunner torso and wrapped black thread around the waist post, neck post, and even the arm posts as they were serviceable but still not as tight as I'm used to these figures being. I used a paint pen on the chest armor now that the figure is disassembled and am letting it dry before gluing it back together.

    A rather invasive method to tighten joints but I had fun doing it. It's nice restoring beaters into better condition whether for display or play.

    Now to find a cool AA Gun to give this guy as an accessory....

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    Maybe im missing something woth potf2 figures, but, when it comes to loose joints does the dental floss fix not work for them? Thats always been my go-to for fixing loose limbs.

    For anyone who doesnt know, tightly wrap dental floss into the joint until it becomes stiff. Tie the floss off tightly so the knot sinks into the joint and cut the loose ends off as close as possible to the knot. If any loose ends are still hanging out, use something small to push them into the joint.

    It works well, is reversable (if you have a razor and some tweezers) and is basically invisible if done correctly.

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