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Thread: FS Jango Fett Helmet Reduced

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    FS Jango Fett Helmet Reduced

    I’m unsure of the lineage of this Helm. It was bought from eBay almost a year ago from a seller who said he was an avid TDH’er. Great paint job and weathering. The only issue is a cracked visor (can be seen in the close up) but I’ve bought a fresh new t visor from and it’s waitig to be installed. I do not trust myself to install it.

    $205 shipped anywhere in the continental US.

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    Price reduction
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    Another reduction
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    What is the helmet made out of???

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    Forgive the double post But also what is the Ranger Finder stalk made of???

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    PMd you, Sithsim.

    The helmet is fiberglass and the stalk and rangefinder are resin.
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