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Thread: R5-D4 Red Bar Variant

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    R5-D4 Red Bar Variant

    Does anyone know how rare the R5-D4 red bar variant is? I see them loose, but i haven't seen one on the card. Also, why does this variation exist? Is there a story behind why some had this different sticker? Also, was this an early incarnation of the figure, or later, or does anyone know what happened here?

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    it was a later figure . rotj i think only . cant say why it exists as i didnt produce them lol
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    The Red bar R5 has been found on the SW wave card too. Can't recall seeing one of the ESB wave card yet but it wouldn't surprise me - if its confirmed on both SW and ROTJ cards.

    The red bar even appears on the R5-D4 prototype (mock-up figure) shown in early European catalogues.

    Likely the R2-D2 sticker scheme was used but just coloured red instead of blue.

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    Yeah I don't think a ESB cardback has ever surfaced, but it could be out there. There is the ANH and ROTJ cardback versions so it would make since for there to be at least a handful of ESB's. If not it would seem really weird that they used that particular red bar sticker at the beginning of production and at the end, though not in between. Maybe the printer was out of service for a couple years. haha

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    I believe Brian Angel has a carded ESB red bar R5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenner76 View Post
    I believe Brian Angel has a carded ESB red bar R5.
    I wouldn’t be surprised Randy. If anyone is going to have one it would be Brian
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