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Thread: Trooper 6 Pack (Han Solo Movie) - Target

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    so will this be out on 8/5 or be another 6" gammy guard (or worse-- a WM) scenario? LOL.

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    Yakface said possible 8/5. I’m skeptical since there haven’t been any finds like the Vandor set. We’ll know soon enough though.

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    No dice at my Midwestern US target this morning. the same k2 who’s been there since April, some vintage, otherwise all TLJ. Though they do have the Vandor 1 set.

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    This is a beautiful set! Well done Hasbro! Courtesy of Yakface:

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    Was hoping this set would be part of the apparent restock today but no dice.

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    Great set, I really would have preferred a 4-pack, as I have no need for TIE Pilots or Stormtrooper Commanders - but its very well done. This is also close to perfect for kids and collectors that are into troopers - you get a diverse range all at once. Its honestly packs like this that continue to reduce my interest in TVC. I cant imagine that line ever offering something like this, especially under $100.

    I never opened my basic Mimban trooper, I guess I can return it, unless someone needs.

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    Looks good, but no vehicle (at least for the patrol trooper) or 'official' play environments. I may have to scour my local Big Lots for of some those cheap military playsets for ideas or break out my old GI Joe Outpost Defender.
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    I haven't bought any of the Force Link figures but if the Han was a Range Trooper I'd buy a set if caught on sale. The Han should be released by with an officer Beckett perhaps.

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    no sign yet at my local Targets... but than again I haven't seen a restock yet either.
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    This is such a great pack and I applaud Hasbro for making. My question is what is new? Looks like The Mimban Stormtrooper and the TIE Pilot are the only repacks. It's kinda funny though, because timing is everything. If this comes out 6 months from now, these are all repacks, even though it's still a nice army builder pack.
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