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Thread: Solo Toys section

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    Solo Toys section

    Just curious why all the Solo: A Star Wars Story toy threads are in The Last Jedi section. Will Solo get it's own category on the main forum page?
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    A lot of folks are wondering the same thing. The Photo Archive has a separate section of Solo stuff, why not the forums?
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    They should just change the Rogue One section into a general "A Star Wars Story" section. They only make a couple of waves for each film anyway.

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    Looks like its been a year since an admin posted to a thread in this section. Shame they simply don't make GNT an admin, he mods / creates just about everything in the modern section. Separating TLJ / Solo would really make the modern threads easier to navigate.

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    Hope so, especially when I have to call some toys Force Link 1.0 to differentiate them from the same within the Solo line. With the older Force link getting clearance, it might create a bit of confusion w/o clarification.
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