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Thread: Darth Revan

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    Looking forward to getting this one! I’m glad Disney is going to keep making “Legends” figures.
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    A good decision on a repack, but I will pass, I have the first release of him. Looking forward to seeing the card though

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    Of course I'll buy maybe two. But its pretty doubtful they added leg articulation to better modernize the figure - which is inferior compared to the recent BS 6 inch version.

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    One thing may be for certain, the TAC figure may take a hit on what people can ridiculously charge on ebay. lol

    Personally, I may or may not get him. I only really needed an extra for the head, as the one I scored on ebay years ago didn't have one. And I plan on using custom fodder from another figure for the body to make better SA version w/SG's anyways. Same with Malak, when i get time.

    Had this not been a repack, then I would have definitely bought an all new figure!

    Now, if their decision to go with a repack for Revan meant we got Satele Shan. I'm definitely okay with that! But probably not, we'll have to wait and see...
    Or even Pong Krell. C'mon Hasbro, you can do it.
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    I was able to find this during the TAC days, twice actually. I understand rarity, popular character, secondary market price are all reasons people wanted it repacked...but this is not a good figure.

    Sculpt flaws and awful articulation made a new (shrunk down from the 6") sculpt just as requested. To those who want this, good luck, hope everyone gets their chance.

    Legends repacks I'd gave preferred, K'kruhkt, Solo twins, Shae Vizla
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    Well, I got the TAC version from 2007. But I'd like to have one on a Vintage card. Hope Hasbro does an update, though.

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    This was bad figure when it was first released and worse now when amongst modern releases.

    I have one still I had two and recently sold one on eBay anticipating a VC Revan release and was hoping to beat the dropping market. I would have definitely preferred a new figure but I'll get this one to keep MOC. Revan was one of the few EU characters I enjoyed (at least until the SWTOR MMO story destroyed everything that was ever good about the character).

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    Very disappointing that they couldn’t scale down the 6” release. Oh well, will still probably get it for the sake of having a 3.75” Revan (even if it’s a crappy one).

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