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Thread: Regal Robot doing statues and busts

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    Regal Robot doing statues and busts

    Not to sure where this goes as far as threads but I was really impressed with Regal Robotís new line of upcoming products. They are now getting into the collectors world with more than just furniture (thank goodness and about time). There new products will be statues and maquettes of aliens and creatures (focus on Scum and Villainy). Not just that, they will offer life size busts too with Chewy being one of their first fully punched fir. I have high hopes for them and will watch out for them in the future. This will no doubt compete with SS as RR has access to Lucasfilm archives too. No artistic interpretation here folks.

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    I'm sure they won't be cheap.

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    Yes, based on everything else they sell these will be really nice and obscenely expensive.

    More companies selling stuff is always good though.
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    This is good news. The existing licensees clearly need some competition!



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    I want a Chewbacca!

    These are going to be serious money but I bet they're be the best 1:1s ever produced by a license company!
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    This is very interesting. It will be prohibitively expensive.

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    Hopefully they can do some type of layaway payment plan.. If they do.. I would definitely buy some items..
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    As an OT Imperial collector, there is nothing they make that interests me so far, but the quality of Tom's stuff is well known. Curious about the price and comparison with other similar pieces made by other companies or fan made.


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    These are so cool but not my cup of tea.......I will pass.
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    If they are made in USA,it's not gonna be cheap unfortunately. Would love to add that Chewie head bust to my collection

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