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Thread: Regal Robot doing statues and busts

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthdroideka View Post
    Not anyone on Statue Forum or Freaks new about, so could be some here.
    There are quite a few threads on SSF about Lladro, check the SW statue section

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    I think the Lladro licence is pretty cool news and i look forward to seeing the finished statue. Queen Amidala is a great choice.

    The prototype looks larger than 1:4.
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    Leia has be in the works.
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    I just got the email from Tom at Regal Robot. We'll be getting a plaque signed by Peter's wife. It's now a "tribute" edition. We are also getting a hand-signed letter from Mark Hamill. In the letter are his thoughts about his memories with Peter. It's a very heart-felt letter. I feel this is an amazing way to still provide value for the missing signature and also honor Peter's memory. Well done Tom!
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    Was just coming to post the same thing.

    Not sure how I feel about Angie signing the plaques. Might have just preferred a digital version of Peter's signature, I don't know? But Mark sending a personalized and signed note is really nice.

    From the email:
    "Thank you for your patience as we worked with Lucasfilm, Peter Mayhew’s family and the Peter Mayhew Foundation to transform this limited edition bust into a tribute to the late actor who portrayed our favorite Wookiee.

    As you now know, Peter passed away just before he was to sign the plaques for our busts. In Peter’s place, we have two very special people who have stepped up to fill his very large shoes.

    The plaques have been redesigned to state that this is now a Peter Mayhew Tribute Edition and Peter’s wife Angie will be signing these.

    In addition to the signed plaques, Mark Hamill has graciously sent us hand-signed notes with some of his memories of Peter and you’ll each be receiving one of these with your bust. See the image below.

    Finally, and in lieu of any payment for the above signings, we’re making a donation to the Peter Mayhew Foundation to help continue all of the good work they do!

    My greatest hope is that we have turned this into the best possible tribute to Peter. I hope that each of you appreciates what we’ve been able to provide in place of what we’d originally planned and you are genuinely happy with the outcome.

    Anyone who is less than 100% happy should please email us within the next 10 business days and we can discuss a refund of your order and make your bust available to one of the many collectors on our wait list.

    If anyone has any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop us a line by email or phone.

    Once again, thank you for your enthusiasm toward this project, and for the trust in us. I can't wait to get these into your homes! Pre-production continues on this project and our aim is to start shipping in late August and into September. We’ll continue to send updates as we work and you should be hearing from us again in July/August."

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    That's very classy.
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