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Thread: Boba Fett - Holiday Special - 2018 Holiday Mini Bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightSword View Post
    That sucks! Hopefully it is just stuck somewhere and you'll get it soon. Best of luck, brother.
    Thanks man!

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    Mine was broken in the same place

    Quote Originally Posted by ATATDRIVER View Post
    Got something like #354/550 just before Christmas. Cool bust , but mine arrived broken. Sent one email and attached some pics , and they had a perfect replacement at my door in about 4 days ! Now I have # 11/550 ! I display it next to my maquette of the same design. Looks great. Hereís a shot of the damage that my first one has.

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    Weird right ? Looked like itíd have to of been broken before the box was even taped up. Donít see how shipping would cause that with the big cut out spot for it in the styrofoam.

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    Did you send your # 354 back to them or did they let you keep it? Just curious to know if Kessel got yours by any chance.
    You know, now that I've been going through my mini bust collection taking close up pictures of many of them, I've encountered a few of them that you can tell have some parts re-glued/repaired, and bought directly from the maker. I think it would be a good idea if we report the number of the collectible we receive broken, if we are asked to send it back. I certainly wouldn't like to pay top dollar for a repaired item. Just saying.
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    I don't have ATATDrivers bust, it's broken in the same place but not as severe. It's not such a clean break, you can see what look like Cooper wires in it. This is the third defective bust I've ordered from gentle giant in about 18 months. I don't understand either how it could have gotten broken in transit.

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    They didnít ask me to return it. So for now itís just back in its box.

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