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Thread: NEW Clone Wars!

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmer View Post
    [COLOR=#000000]^^^ It isn’t that the concept of what may seem harmless can be overwhelmingly dangerous when it comes to self-defence and self-preservation: everyone gets the David and Goliath/Viet Congs vs Americans references with the ewoks It’s the execution: Those poor little people in the cheap teddybear costumes can’t even run, they waddle about, and we’re to accept that they can lethally take down a fully armoured stormtrooper with a stick …???? Or that the ewoks’ stubby paws and limbs can climb to such heights for combat? Or that they’re able to strategize and prepare in a night? And all this, against the Empire’s best? LOL
    In that same movie, isn't there a line about overconfidence being a weakness? Exactly.

    Just because you cannot fathom something, does not mean it cannot happen. That is the whole point of the lesson.
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    I made the mistake of reading the ROTJ novel ahead of the movie, and I took it quite seriously. (I was 13).

    I pictured the ewoks to be viscous 'Man-Eaters' -- when they capture Our Heroes, they have every intention of eating them -- I chose to see them as feral little half-pint wookies-crossed-with-wolverines -- ferocious little beasts with sharp teeth and pointy claws like the Tasmanian Devil, who only went along with the Rebellion because of Leia pleading "..Do It For The Trees" (it is implied that the Empire had been depleting the moon of its iron core, to build the death star. the entire moon was on the verge of collapse. the ewoks had noticed that the trees were dying, and the ewoks themselves were losing their habitat. they joined the rebellion to save their home and rescue their dying ecosystem from extinction).

    Imagine my surprise when I finally went to the theater, and I saw... what I saw. it was soul crushing. (to see wookiees crossed with Care Bears instead).

    and for the record I never quite noticed Oola, I was too distracted by Leia (I was 13). LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    In that same movie, isn't there a line about overconfidence being a weakness? Exactly.

    Just because you cannot fathom something, does not mean it cannot happen. That is the whole point of the lesson.
    Well yes… but the ewoks don’t exactly possess jedi-like talent as someone like Yoda. Nor are they physically shown they’re capable of such physical abilities: They’re shown, literally, waddling about, and moving awkwardly. Yes, I agree and understand it was the limitation of the times— thus the execution is the glaring problem: It’s just so sloppy (and so goofy). Up until ROTJ, the limitations of technology for certain scenes were ingeniously compensated by thoughtful editing. lighting or framing. With the execution of the ewoks as a major player of the story and their unfortunate, juvenile action sets, it was just impossible to overlook at just how weak their execution and inclusion to the finale really is. And in 2018, and as an adult, ROTJ gets worse and worse— still charming somewhat, but nonetheless a mess.

    (Oola on the other hand— in 2018 and from the standards of an adult, only gets better and better LOL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by keknivek View Post
    I don't know how many troops were on Endor, but it looked like under a hundred. I always assumed there were hundreds of Ewoks... maybe thousands.
    Cinematically, about 130 Imperials who were locally hired, mostly lumberjacks. Ewoks, about 120.

    Thematically, the Ewoks might have rallied nearly clans in that short time to take on the "legion" of troops boasted by Palpatine.
    A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing. -George Lucas

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    Star Wars the Clone Wars will be right back
    Laserbeak returns Megatron !
    Almost 10 years on Scum
    The Barge will be here before you know it

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