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Thread: Ahsoka Tano - Star Wars Rebels Mini-Bust

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    Ahsoka Tano - Star Wars Rebels Mini-Bust

    Not sure if we have an official thread for her yet so I made one.

    Looks amazing, couldn't tell you the last time I pre-ordered a GG piece on day 1, hopefully it comes in before the holidays.
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    Day one PO for me. I’ve been waiting for this since Clone Wars!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imrahil2001 View Post
    Not my area of collecting, but she looks great.
    Ditto. Better looking than some if their recent releases.
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    Definite pre-order for me. Looks great!

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    Out-freaking-standing! Bravo GG! This is one of the best busts they've done in a while, and I really hope it leads to more animated characters getting the realistic bust treatment. It's nice to see what's possible when minds are open to new ideas.

    And just for the record, as GG is into rehashing characters, I would still buy a CW S4-S6 Ahsoka after I buy this one. I want to see those green CW sabers!

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    Looks good, I'm not sure the face is perfect but if it ends up looking like this I'll be happy.
    Definitely ordering one.

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    Glad they didn’t go with the kid version, this will definitely be making it into my EU display.
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