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Thread: Luke Jedi Variants

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    Luke Jedi Variants

    Does anyone know what the actual loose Luke Jedi variants are? Like did the molded face Luke come with both cape and saber variations? Is there a good source for this info? Even IG isn't very specific with which version of weapon went with each figure. It seems like there should be a master list somewhere.

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    Here you can find all your answers : - Vintage (pre-1995)
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    Or there's a less intense page you can check out here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lt__Brenn_Tantor View Post
    Here you can find all your answers : - Vintage (pre-1995)

    HOLY %^&*, that is an amazing website. How did I not know this existed? Great job, Bob. Dang.


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    So just so I have this straight:

    All Taiwan Luke Jedis (including Molded Face) came with the dark green saber and grey blaster.
    All Hong Kong Luke Jedis came with the brown blaster and either the light green saber or the blue saber.
    There is evidence that the Hong Kong blue saber Luke came with both the sewn and snap cape.

    Am I missing anything? If those statements are true I definitely have 2 miscased graded Lukes.

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