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Thread: Any DC statue collectors on here?

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    Any DC statue collectors on here?

    If this is covered elsewhere please remove this thread. I mostly have SW statues but also collect DC statues as well. I own Yamato Batman (1st one) & Wonder Woman (EE exclusive), Frank Cho's Wonder Woman and a Deadshot mini bust.

    I also have all the retro packaged 7" Super Powers DC figures except for Aquaman (which are considered statues).

    I'm highly considering getting the new SS PF Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy that are coming out next year, but later on when they go down some in $. Anyone else collect any of these characters or lines?
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    Anyone ??
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    I just got Tweeterhead Wonder Woman, Donna Troy. Also getting the Neal Adams Batman next week too and Starfire, Robin from Teen Titans when they come out. This company are knocking their statues out of the park!
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    My collection so far...
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    There is a Prime 1 "The Dark Knight Returns" statue 1/3 coming out that has literally made me rethink my entire collection! It's that kind of piece. Lots of things going to go on sale for $$ and space now it seems.
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