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Thread: JEJ, He Still Signing?

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    JEJ, He Still Signing?

    So the other day I came across a post on the Twitter account of David Prowse stating that James Earl Jones no longer signs. I am not certain if they meant in person, through the mail or both. Can anyone shed any light on this matter?
    Because if this is true, it looks like I'll have to buy a pic through Prowse's web store.

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    Not signed for ages

    I may have some for sale pm me

    For your info the guy that used to be Dave’s webmaster hijacked a page selling his autograph
    The guy is a scumbag don’t deal with him.
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    I've dealt with him before as well. Last year, I was going to buy an Ian McDiarmid and Prowse 11 by 14 because it was on sale for $150.00, which is really cheap for that. I sent money through and he messaged me saying that I have an unconfirmed address in Paypal. I looked at my profile everything was fine, and even spoke with paypal and they said its confirmed. I emailed a picture showing everything was fine to him, and even sent my address. I'm guessing that he changed his mind to sell it at $150 because within 2 hours of it at that price, it was back at $300. He then said okay it's all good now here send $300. Sorry this was off topic but I am happy to see I wasn't the only one that thought of him that way. But yeah JEJ doesnt sign TTM or IP anymore, at his age, he cant keep up with so many pictures people are sending him. I've just been waiting for a nice OPX signed by JEJ/Prowse to pop up on eBay
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    man, I got one JEJ TTM like 8-9 years ago, the Pawlings locale. never tried again, or researched it. I assumed like Oz, Freeborns, etc he would've been slowing down/stopping at some point so i got those kinda names collected first. Still many on sale around, so some bucks will still make it happen but get cracking, they won't be going down in cost

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    no, and be careful, Dave has severed all ties with the webmaster...I have many combos available- should you be interested, PM me...
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