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Thread: SDCC 2018 Excl. #6: Star Wars Enamel Pins

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    Not interested at all in collecting pins. Actually the Hera pin from last year at Celebration you could buy for $5.00 and people were selling for $85.00, I gave it to some guy that was looking for one at the convention in exchange for a Rebel Alliance pin. I can understand there are people that like pins and collect them, but to me they will just sit inside a drawer as I won't wear them nor have any interest to display them.

    That said, call it Ponda Baba, call it Walrus Man, it does not matter what you choose to call as there is no set rule for that, I think Ponda Baba should have been made into a mini bust just the same as Snaggletooth, before being made into a pin. But, hey, that is just my opinion.
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    Find the sets already great, but each set must be calculated extra with shipping ....... I think so I'm out!!!!!!!!!!!Good job GG!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by catch View Post
    Find the sets already great, but each set must be calculated extra with shipping ....... I think so I'm out!!!!!!!!!!!Good job GG!!!
    I agree- I might bite on a couple if shipping was more economical.

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    The Black Series Rebels exclusive pins blow these away IMO.
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  5. #35 is Walrus Man. Always Walrus Man.
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    Ok joke is on me... GG lol funny. So really what is the last exclusive....
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    The pins were pretty big hits at the last couple of SW Celebrations. I think they are just trying to get in on some of that action. And I DO collect some pins. But , having to pay separate shipping for some small pins that you order all at the same time , ridiculous. I'll pass until they learn how to combine shipping. Here's some of the Celebration pins.

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    I ordered all four sets separately, paying shipping on each one. I later got an email showing all four orders were now a single order with a single shipping charge. I did not call them at all, it was done by them. It was a pain doing four orders separately.

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