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Thread: Private signing with ENTIRE Elite Praetorian Guard

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    Private signing with ENTIRE Elite Praetorian Guard

    My company Island Autographs Ltd, is holding a series of private signings with all 8 members of the Praetorian Guard in August. 4 of which have never signed before.

    The first signing is with Will Willoughby on August 1st.

    We have 2 different 11x14 prints available to be signed by all 8 guards as well as 4 different posters, trading cards and pop vinyl packages.

    We are only selling the Praetorian Guards as a package of 8 for 150.00 we ship worldwide.
    However if you have already got the 4 that attended a recent UK show we can do send ins for 25.00 a signature to add the final four to your pieces, please get in touch to order this option.

    We are also offering a Guavian Death Gang print signed by all 6 members including Brian Vernel.

    As well as a Flametrooper print signed by the only 2 Flametroopers to be holding and operating fully working Flame Throwers in The Force Awakens.

    The guys are extremely busy people at the moment as you would expect from stunt men at the top of their game, as such this is the only way currently to get all 8 guard signatures on one piece at one time.
    We have payment plans available with a 50.00 deposit to secure your order.

    We are also offering several individual options for the guys to sign, as they all played multiple roles through out all of the new Star Wars films.
    Andy Wareham
    Dan Euston
    David R.Grant
    Florian Robin
    James Cox
    Karanja Yorke
    Liang Yang
    Will Willoughby

    Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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    We have also added two 10x8 inch options to the site today.

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    Final deadline for our 8 man praetorian guard signing is this Friday.
    All payment plans must be paid in full by the 31st.

    Our 11x14 limited edition prints come on 400gsm card stock. This produces a print of the highest possible quality. All 11x14 prints are hand numbered limited editions

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