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Thread: Private Signing with Michael Jibson

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    Private Signing with Michael Jibson

    My company Island Autographs Ltd is holding a private signing with Michael Jibson in August.
    Michael played Jober Tavson, Kylo Ren's shuttle pilot in The Last Jedi. This is Michael's first ever autograph signing and currently the only one he has planned.
    We have a range of 10x8 prints, 11x14 prints as well as trading cards available on our site.

    The cost is 20.00 per signature. We ship worldwide.
    We are accepting send in at no additional costs, buyer just covers return postage.
    Personalisation is free.

    All autographs are issued with a our company coa. There will be lots of images of the signing posted on the website and our social media feeds.

    We have several other Star Wars signings coming up including Brian Vernel aka Bala Tik in The Force Awakens
    As well as Attila Vajda, Sagwa the Wookie in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
    As a company Island Autographs Ltd never purchases autographs from a third party, we only ever sell items autographed in front of myself as company director, that way we can always be 100% sure of authenticity.

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    good to hear it's nailed down, looking forward to it!

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    All remaining stock from the private signing with Michael is now on our website.

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