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Thread: Quay Tolsite

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    Found the wave at a Meijer in Ohio yesterday. At least 4 each of all but only one of Quay.
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    Freaking figures. lol
    HTS sits on back stock of stock forever it seems. yet a few select figure sell out as soon as they're stocked never to return. WTH goes on withing Hasbro?

    Or did they simply remove the new figure so that we couldn't take advantage of Cyber Monday deals?
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    I was able to grab 2 of them during the Cyber Monday sale at HTS...the rest of the wave was available too, but I passed them. Great figure!

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    I still haven’t found Quay myself. I’m sure he’ll show up soon; I was concerned that I might not find Moloch, but there are now 4 of them hanging from the pegs at my local target. Sooner or later, Quay will be the same. Definitely the most interesting figure of the line.

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    I got mine from Amazon last week for 14.95, and I also bought L3 for the same price of 14.95.

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    Ouch, and what's all this talk about them being in an affordable line and cheaper than TVC?

    If people are going to pay this much for 5PoA figures, why should Hasbro even bother with an SA line? They can simply raise prices on the basic line, and profit even more!
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    Yeah, I refuse to pay twice retail for these 5poa figures. I paid a few bucks more over retail for Rebolt/Hound, and even then I was cringing. I thought for sure we would see the later waves hit stores for Christmas, but it’s not happening. Really disappointing. I’ll see you sometime next year, Quay.

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    Its an awesome figure, but I wouldn't pay nearly twice the MSRP either. I was able to find him at WM for $7.97 and the rest of the wave from HTS for $6.25 each with the discount code. Apparently these showed up again today on HTS and sold out immediately. Theres been no indication that this wave was produced in fewer numbers, so they'll make it out ngood numbers eventually.

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    Well, I guess there's always hope.
    Since it took me 6 months to track down Morn, Morlock or whatever, then it will likely be 6 months for Quay too.
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