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Thread: Tobias Beckett

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    I'll be bummed if one of his lines doesn't include the 'thumbs' reference (even if it sounds cheesy) really, I'll have a better appreciation for Force Link if he does.
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    Keen to pick this figure up!

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    One of Hasbro's best "basic" figures in my opinion. Great likeness and functional articulation. Admittedly some elbows would make it perfect but as it is Beckett in a great figure.

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    Interesting approach for the hip articulation. Can he sit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Interesting approach for the hip articulation. Can he sit?
    Kinda. The holster is super pliable but the jacket gets in the way. Also what he's sitting in with no knee articulation lol? I guess I could put together a Falcon dio but I'm not gonna get him near the holo chess table with no knees.

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    Horrible likeness on my copy but the 9 POA was another surprise. Can't sit well at all. I guess you could take his coat off and have mismatched arms with the blue onesie look.

    Probably the worst of the wave IMHO.

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    Wow he's going to be great for custom fodder. I imagine without the jacket and holster he's sort of in coveralls? Maybe an Imperial engineer like Bhodi or a spaceport mechanic/technician. :{h
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    For customizing, you'd have tan arms left after getting the coat off and you could get the holsters off too by cutting them. Then just a couple of brown splotches of paint to redo.

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    Leaving him 85% intact, you could always add SA arms fairly easy while retaining the aesthetics. The worst area is the sculpted holsters, and possibly the belt where it wraps around the waist? Ankles and knees would be somewhat easy to add as well. Provided you had the right donor parts.

    So I surmise that you could essentially get two looks out of this one. With an w/o the jacket. I just don't have as much enthusiasm nor energy for it anymore.
    Not to mention it isn't as easy to come by fodder these days, due to Hasbro not releasing any and ebay being so high priced.
    Looking for:R3-H17, L3-37
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