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Thread: Wampa Box Factory tape??????

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    Wampa Box Factory tape??????

    I purchased a Wampa unused and mint in the first issue box that has an unusual characteristic; the flap is folded and taped, and the tape looks factory. The tape holding the box closed where you would expect is exactly the same as the tape holding the folded flap to the box ( in three places, top middle and bottom). It has 2 JC Penny price tags and what looks like a catalog sticker of some kind on the top. Is taping the flap something JC Penny did? Or Kenner did for JC Penny for catalog sales or something? Is there some other reason that the flap would be taped at the factory? Any info on this would be appreciated. Hopefully the pics will show better than what I can describe. Thanks all!

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    I've always thought that the sides where a store fold st make it easier to ship and merchandise on shelf's. That tape was used by stores and merchandisers back then. I was a merchandiser a while ago and they still used that size tape in the 2000's. It's just an odd size for home use.
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    So I found this link that talks about the Kenner Star Wars Special Offers and the "Department Store Program". It seems like Kenner was doing special stuff for some of the Department stores at the Factory. The red and yellow special offer stickers are found under the tape sealing the boxes, so the stickers were applied at the factory prior to the toy being sealed. I really think the Tape on the folded flap is the same tape used at the factory to seal the box... I mean it looks exactly the same. So perhaps this Wampa was part of the Department Store Program....JC Penny gets factory altered boxes that make it easier for them to mail for the catalog orders and for stocking purposes as part of their overall exclusive agreement with Kenner. It makes sense to me. Learning that Kenner was altering boxes and packaging at the factory makes it more likely to me. Here is the link

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