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Thread: FS: mega rare Alex McCrindle photo price drop

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    FS: mega rare Alex McCrindle photo price drop

    Hi all,

    This really hurts to do this, buy ill be moving home soon so im culling my collection and selling off high end pieces. Basically ill be getting the man cave i always wanted but im going to do it by using my collection to finance it as much as i can. Im pretty much going to go main cast only from now and as i have most of them ill be slowing down a little. This amazing piece is the first for sale.

    I have never seen a signed Alex Mcrindle photo before and have only seen/heard of a handful of his sigs on autograph book pages etc. This is a very rare piece and is a very sought after item aswell. Small 5x3 black and white photo signed by Alex in blue pen. If you are a collector of high end pieces you will know how rare this is. Price for this is $1200. i was offered near this a while back but didnt want to sell at the time, but now need to room so its availab!e. If it doesnt sell i will happily keep it but wanted to give someone a chance..Considering some auotographs go for more than this i think its a good price. People pay a lot more for the likes of Marquand etc so this is a great item.



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