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Thread: Need a little help on Walrus Man variations

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    Need a little help on Walrus Man variations

    I have been out of the collecting game for a year or two now so i'm a little out of touch. I was wondering if any of you guys that deal with alot of 20/21 backs might could shine a little light. I dont really need a value but I was wondering which of these walrus man MOC's are less common/more desirable. The 20 Back with Fett offer is the "Pink" Tusk version, the 21 Back is the "White" Tusk version. When I look through my loose stuff the "Pink" version seems much less common. Thanks in advance for any input.





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    The 20 back, just cuz the Boba ad. It's always better when its pink...
    He's no good to me open!

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