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    I have looked this up, just need some other thoughts.

    Have weapon pricing gone crazy?

    What is an imperial gunner blaster and pop r2 just the saber worth lately?

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    Those 2 have been really hot last 2 years. $100-120 or so for the blaster and $150 or $190 for the r2 saber around,
    yup low supply high demand = some crazy high prices- only bound to go higher

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    BTD2 is correct on pricing. For those who didn't collect back in the day, the POTF figs were only in the stores for a short time before they were marked on clearance and the ones that didn't sell were sent back for credit with Kenner. Those would typically find their way to the employee store where cards were cut down so they weren't returned to retail outlets for full value. This was when Transformers and GI Joe were very popular and got way more space in the isles. If they weren't bought to open back in the day, most of them now are still carded. This does create a large demand for POTF weapons now that people are trying to complete loose figures, where the weapons were lost years ago, and there's not too many to be found online. Unlike the SW-ROTJ figures that were on the shelves for years and released on multiple cardbacks with the same weapons.

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    I am new to this forum and stumbled upon it (well... really did a Google search for "Star Wars Forums") to try and see what my childhood toys are worth. Like everyone on this forum, I have always been a huge Star Wars fan. As a child of the 70's, my bedroom was even Star Wars themed. I collected a multitude of Star Wars toys as well as memorabilia, I even still have Star Wars fan club stuff(membership card, patches, Bantha Track newsletters...), some of which are still sitting in my mom's basement. I remember saving the proof of purchases off the back of the figurine packages and sending them in to receive a random cache of Star Wars weapons. Browsing this specific thread caught my interest as I am wondering if any of you remember this from "back in the day". If so, is there a definitive guide that I can go to and see (potentially even a page from this forum) if any of the weapons that came in this cache are rare? Again, I am newbie here but am enjoying the nostalgia of reading some of the post. Thank you for any information in advance.

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    Check here. This is the best spot for all your weapon questions

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