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Thread: FS: Sears Cantina Adventure Set

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    FS: Sears Cantina Adventure Set

    Sears Cantina Adventure Set
    Opened Hammerhead/Walrusman Box, unopened baggies, mint condition $1000
    Unopened Sealed Blue Snaggletooth/Greedo Box, original figures sealed in Kenner baggies inside $6000
    Box has some wear, and small puncture on one face $300
    Backdrop has one dinged corner, otherwise very nice $400
    sealed pegs $400
    instructions $300
    catalog $300
    cardboard middle piece $300
    $8000 total
    free US shipping,
    $600 international shipping
    international individual shipping ~$30 except for Blue Snag Box!
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    Uploading additional photos
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