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Thread: Any ideas on where to buy high quality movie posters for siginings?

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    Any ideas on where to buy high quality movie posters for siginings?

    Hey all,
    So I am looking to get good quality original trilogy full size movie posters, and I am not sure where to get them. I would like to get them signed at future cons, but I am reading bad reviews on ebay and other sites. any suggestions?

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    Ebay is hit or miss...there are legit. sellers dealing in NSS(National Screen Service) 1-sheet posters(27x40 or 27x41). I myself have two on sale right now...under jonthejedi. There used to be places that sold originals like movie poster place and If hundreds of dollars for an original 1977-83 is too rich for your blood...many places sell reprints & reproductions...including Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll try to help.

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    I was looking for reprints that are good quality and can fit in a frame. so many reviews are often negative about the quality of the reprints. Thanks, and I will take a look at your auctions.

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    There was a German company called ZigZag that did quality reprints. Not as easy to find these days but I see a few on ebay. You can always ask a seller if they are ZigZag, this will be printed on the bottom of the poster.

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