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Thread: $1 Rebate Offer Insert?

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    $1 Rebate Offer Insert?

    I just purchased an INT-4 with the box that had the $1 rebate offer printed on the front. I have a Vader Case with the same offer; on the case the rebate certificate you were supposed to fill out is part of the cardboard skirt on the back. I don't see a certificate printed on any side of the INT-4 box; it just has the red circle advertising the offer that reads "See Details Inside" or something to that effect. So was there a certificate of some kind, or an insert included in these $1 rebate offer boxes? If so, if you have one, can you please post a picture of it so I know what I am looking for? Thanks!

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    Yes there was indeed an insert for the $1 Rebate Offer.
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    Awesome! Thank You! I need to find me one of these. I wonder how many are still around unused? I bet a lot of people actually sent them in. Thanks again!

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