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Thread: Master Replicas (MR) items, trading numbers?

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    Master Replicas (MR) items, trading numbers?

    I enjoy collecting MR props, to add a layer of difficultly I often chase number for some pieces.

    For those that are not bothered by the numbers, anyone interested in trading? Probably just the plaque and any paper work with the number on it. Numbers of interest to me are 1-10, 88, 888, 1974 or maybe some other recurring numbers.

    PM me and let me know what you have. Happy to add cash to the deal.

    - Looking for all things Jawa, especially prototypes and foreign MOCs

    - My feedback thread, feel free to add if we had a transaction in the past!!

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    Hi Simon, you wouldn't happen to be Chinese, would you? The 8 is a lucky Chinese number. Interesting post and cool to see how collector's wants vary. I'll check my plaque numbers when I get home to see if I have any numbers you want. Good luck!

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