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Thread: Showcase Express 3000

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    Showcase Express 3000

    Has anyone used the Showcase Express 3000 displays?

    According to their dimensions:

    Each shelf is 5" high which I'm pretty sure is tall enough for all of the vintage figures.

    Would 4 48" shelves would be enough to fit all of the original figures or would I probably need a 5th?

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    Here is my old display with showcase express cases. I can not say enough good things about these! After 5 years, dust never got in these and I had over 700 loose figures on display.
    i was able to fit 100 Kenner figures with Jabba, Wampa, and even rebos piano! You can fit about 100 4 figures and about 75-80 6 Black Series. Go with the 10 high cases and LED lighting from IKEA

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