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Thread: Vintage Landspeeder (made in USA?)

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    Vintage Landspeeder (made in USA?)

    Something I've been interested in knowing what other people know or think...

    This has always been one of my favorite Star Wars toys of all time but I noticed several years ago that all the original vintage ones are stamped made in USA. Does anyone know where they were made and for how long? Was it somewhere in Cincinnati or elsewhere? Were there any other Kenner vehicles or items made in the same factory?

    Maybe it was a typo, and it was actually made elsewhere or some other type of mixup?

    If not, why just the landspeeder?

    It's just fascinating to me remembering as a kid ALLLL the toys said made in Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, etc., etc., and it bummed me out a little even as a 5 year old that none of these things that I thought were the coolest things in the world were made in my country (USA obviously).

    As an adult, it's kind of cool that at least this one item was still able to be designed, manufactured, and sold at a price point that was profitable (assuming they wouldn't do it at a loss) long after almost all toy production was moved overseas.

    Anybody on these forums know the history behind this?

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    bump? This anomaly hasn't ever interested anyone in here?

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    Don't know about Kenner, But I can tell you that Hasbro made most of the vehicles in THE US (Rhode Island) While the figures were made overseas due to the time it took to build the figures. (Smaller parts & time consuming)

    I would not be surprised if Kenner had a similar set up.
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    Or how the 12" Chewbacca has a Made in Korea and all the rest are made in HK?
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