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Thread: FS/FT - TFs, GIJoe, SW, Spidey, HT. MR

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    FS/FT - TFs, GIJoe, SW, Spidey, HT. MR

    Hello! Thanks for looking. I have a large list of items that I am wanting to trade out for other collectibles or sell. . Please PM with any questions at all or if you see something you like. Please let me know what you're interested in and we can make a deal on price or trade, I open to either!

    Ramjet - complete in good shape, little yellowing - $25
    Metroplex - has most accessories but not all, could use a cleaning and new stickers but good shape otherwise - $70
    Brawn - great shape - $15
    Steeljaw - missing weapons, great shape - $12
    Thrust - complete, great shape - $45
    Windcharger - great shape - $15

    Beast Wars
    MIB Flash Lio Convoy - complete, great shape - $70
    MIB Magnaboss - complete, great shape - $60
    Optimus Primal - complete, great shape - $45

    Beast Machines
    MIB T-Wrecks - complete, great shape - $50
    MIB Jetstorm - complete, great shape - $25

    RID 2001
    MIB Scourge - only missing 1 large missile, great shape - $55
    MOSC Grimlock - $12
    Wedge - complete, great shape - $8
    Ruination - all complete, great shape - $35

    MIB Unicron - complete, great shape - $60
    Blur - complete, great shape - $15
    Smokescreen - complete, great shape - $10
    Scavenger - complete, great shape - $25
    Red Alert - complete, great shape - $20
    Hot Shot - complete, great shape - $15

    Master Replicas
    MIB ROTS Yoda LE - complete with stand, art box, paperwork, 2 plaques and shipper, and in perfect shape - $500

    Hot Toys - all figures mint and only displayed in static poses
    AOU Agent Maria Hill - complete with all accessories, art box and shipper - $220

    Spider-Man Animated
    MOSC Hobgoblin
    Doc Ock - loose, complete
    Rhino - loose, complete
    Carnage - loose, complete
    Venom - loose, complete
    Mysterio - loose, complete
    Scorpion - loose, complete
    King Pin - loose, complete

    GI Joe - 25th Figures-All complete with name plates and accessories
    MOSC Tomax and Zamot
    Destro Iron Grenadier
    Storm Shadow
    Red Ninja
    Shipwreck w/anchor tattoo and buckle
    Crimson Guard

    Star Wars: Power of the Force
    *I have a lot of loose figures too, just PM with what you want*
    MOSC ROTS Senate Guard
    MOSC ROTS Sidious with blue Anakin Saber
    MOSC Vader w/removable helmet and freeze frame
    MOSC Princess Leia with freeze frame
    MOSC Luke flashback
    MOSC Obiwan flashback
    MOSC Vader OTC
    MOSC Greedo
    MOSC Ceremonial Luke with freeze fram
    MOSC Zuckuss with freeze frame
    MOSC Ishi Tib with freeze frame
    MOSC Anakin flashback
    MOSC Gamorrean Guard with holo sticker
    MOSC Biggs Darklighter with freeze frame
    MOSC Lak Sivrak with freeze frame
    MOSC Yoda with backpack and holo sticker
    MOSC Grand Moff Tarkin with holo sticker
    MOSC Solo with carbonite block and holo sticker
    MOSC Princess Leia on orange card
    MOSC Stormtrooper on orange card
    MOSC Lando on orange card
    Unleashed Vader - loose, complete
    Unleashed Grievous - loose, complete

    Samsung Galaxy S4 - white, in good shape, minor wear, has box, cable

    Video Games
    Gameboy Color - lime green, like new condition, clean battery compartment, tested and works great

    WANTS - must be complete, in good shape, packaging optional
    Fans Toys - Terminus Gigantus
    Fans Toys - Phoenix
    Masterpiece Ultra Magnus
    POTP Predaking or MMC Feral Rex
    CW Devastator or UW Devastator

    NECA 1/4 scale TMNT

    HT Spider-Man Homecoming Deluxe or Regular (not homemade)
    HT Batman Armory
    HT Whiplash Mark 2
    HT Avengers Loki
    HT War Machine Mark 1 non diecast
    HT Marty McFly Exclusive Back to the Future 1
    HT Igor
    HT DX12 Batman
    HT DX01 Joker
    HT Mark VII Stealth
    HT Sneaky Retro Armor
    HT GOTG2 Star Lord Deluxe
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    added pricing, hot toys for sale, and more wants to the list

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