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Thread: Which 3.75" figure has the best Temuera Morrison sculpt?

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    I like TLC 51 the best. I think that's the Evolutions one too right? I have it in hand and the one on the left(my left) that's in the already have box. Those are the best two compared to the clones I have.

    The TCW ones might be repainted to look more realistic. :{3
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JarJarMFBinks View Post
    I appreciate all the feedback! Also, if anyone knows someone who sells casts of these where I could buy just the head instead of fighting on eBay for a reasonably priced full figure, I'm all ears.

    I am SO incapable of making decisions lately, which is how my bank account is slowly getting smaller and my "fodder" account is getting larger as I keep buying stuff hoping maybe it's right. So finally I'm just running a poll on Twitter
    I'm not actually making a Jango in any way, but my big long project (for which I have yet to complete one dang figure) is to make the characters from a podcast that I love. It's a FFG SW AP called Campaign Podcast so it's also about balancing versus the official character art. I think the Neyo looks fantastic but worry it's a little old for Bacta.
    I think the head sculpt from the VC at-rt driver clone is the best one.

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