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Thread: Price help with MR AT-AT

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    Price help with MR AT-AT

    Hi guys,

    Im in the position to hopefully pull the trigger on a MR Imperial Walker (Opened, but never displayed), but wanted some advice regarding what this piece is going for these days? I ainít seen one in a heck of a long time, so not too sure about average pricing.

    The version im looking at is the standard version, with the mirror base and not the Special Edition.

    I know it doesnít count for much, but what was the original retail price for this item too?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    his might help with the MSRP and other details:

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    I Seen it on eBay, good price too. I had the LE, it's a nice walking pose, but looks much better on the SE diorama base. I sold my LE and got the SE, ships to me look fine on a mirrored base, but the walker looks much better on a snow base.

    Im building a Mirakits 1/12 AT-ST at the moment, will be putting that in a case with a diorama jungle base.

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    I'd say up to £1500 absolute top end and the box is an deal breaker. If it isn't there you can knock a third to half off. More so than any other MR release the box is absolutely critical; this is true of all the SS to one degree or another but these are so fragile that it's very difficult to transport without one. Don't underestimate the amount of space you need to display one. It's big.

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