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Thread: Four signed Supersnipe lithographs by Ralph McQuarrie and Jo Johnston

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    Four signed Supersnipe lithographs by Ralph McQuarrie and Jo Johnston

    A few years ago I was lucky to pick up four unsigned copies of these iconic pictures. They are framed and in my music rehearsal studio where they receive many positive comments from the musicians and others that visit!

    Today, I was super excited to purchase four signed copies of these same images; the coloured pieces are signed by Ralph McQuarrie and the black and white ink sketches by Joseph Johnston. They are also all numbered - 54/100 - so are an original complete set. I've never seen such a set together and I'd be interested to know if anyone else has?

    I've done quite a bit of research on these over the years and debates centre around the Supersnipe Comic Art gallery in New York. These actual images came via a friend on another internet forum who sold them along with numerous sets of other prints that were from the Ed Summers' estate. Anyway, I love them!

    Here are some quick pictures. These are not framed yet but I intend to get them done soon and have them in the house on display!

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    these pictures are really amazing. It really inspires me.
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