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Thread: Disney/Fox Acquisition: When do we see X-Men/FF in the MCU?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt60 View Post
    I predict we'll see some surprise cameos from X-characters in the IW2 movie.
    If they have the deal worked out by Avengers 4, it is possible as an end credit or something... but I'd put the odds at about 3,720 to 1.

    IF they did anything, my vote would be for them to show an American ship in space with 4 passengers affected by Thanos' shenanigans as a quick break away end credit. OR show an awakened Galactus. OR show a silver streak appear in the sky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keknivek View Post
    3,720 to 1.
    I see what you did there
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    I think it might be too soon for IW2 to deal with anything related to those characters. Unless they knew about said possible dealings early on, and had written two story treatments just in case. But still, they filmed both movies together didn't they? With some of it shooting now. So nothing too extreme would be changed.

    They could hint at F4 like above, or any number of segways. heck they could even throw in Spidey to help fight Galactus!
    IMHO, I'd like to see one of the GOTG Movies team up with the Starjammers. As it's highly doubtful they'll get their own movie.

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