Gentle Giant & Sideshow Star Wars SDCC, Convention exclusives, Fett Rocket Firing
Looking to lear out items that are just sitting in the closet - prefer to sell. Not very many items I need at this point unless it is vintage – magazines, promo material, foreign trading cards, General Mills cereal boxes, burger chef items…send me a list.

  • Hot Toys 1/4 Boba Fett - never displayed open to make no broken pieces -come with original mailer 525.00
  • Sideshow 1/6th Scum Villainy Boba Fett - displayed briefly in plexiglasscase. no mailer box 275.00
  • Sideshow Prototype Boba Fett - never displayed, opened to make sure nobroken pieces - come with original mailer 200.00
  • Sideshow Convention exclusive R2D2 prototype never displayed open to makeno broken pieces - come with original mailer $80.00
  • Gentle Giant 2016 SDCC Exclusive Jumbo Blonde Yellowhair Luke Skywalker RARE 175.00
  • Gentle Giant Jumbo Boba Fett Rocket Firing $175
  • Gentle Giant Three Pack power droid, DSD, R5RARE $250
  • Gentle Giant Jumbo Yak Face POTF $85
  • Gentle Giant Convention exclusive Boba Fett bust- shrink wrap is torn - unopened LE$ $160
  • Gentle Giant ROJ card Jumbo Gamm Guard – bubble perfect– difficult to find due to large bubble 125
  • Gentle Giant POTF card Jumbo Gamm Guard – one smallbubble crease 175
  • Gentle Giant Jumbo TIE Fighter Pilot 75
  • Gentle Giant Jumbo Biker Scout 75
  • Gentle Giant Jumbo Wicket 75
  • Gentle Giant Jumbo Hoth Leia 80
  • Gentle Giant Jumbo Hoth Luke 80
  • Funko 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando and 2017 Galactic Convention 442nd Clone Trooper $75.00
  • Funko 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando Hoth Leia 40.00
  • Funko 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando Han Solo 35.00
  • Funko 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando ROJ Jedi Luke 125.00
  • Funko 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando Garindan 30.00

Make an offer - low ball offers will be ignored.

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postage extra - refer payment via VENMO - trying to get away from anything tied to ebay, but will accept paypal Friends and Family