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Thread: does anyone still use Facebook to buy / sell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dienstuhr View Post
    But be aware that as a buyer, you forfeit all Paypal protection when you use friends/family payment mode.

    Lol how is buying on FB any different from buying on this forum or any other forum?! All the FB sellers will take PayPal goods & services if so requested by the buyer! Itís just a matter of agreement between seller and buyer, it being noted that the admins on all the serious FB groups would advise the buyers to pay G&S.

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    Personally, I'm not a Facebook fan. Used 2 different groups, and both waisted my time. It can be somewhat of a popularity contest and political. I did buy a piece for my tatooine skiff off the vintage group. It was sold directly from the admin of the group and he shipped it in a padded envelope. Needless to say, it arrived broken. He gave me half the money back, but that was a bone head move. I handled it properly but lost trust with other sellers quickly because Im sure the admin said I could be an issue. Any piece I asked about was suddenly sold, even if I just watched it come up. Ebay or the want adds here gives me the best results.
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    My last few Kenner purchases were from eBay, but also from local toy shows.
    I am not really a fan of those social media "groups" as they seem like a breeding ground for trouble.
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    My issue with FB is the way listing appears on FB listing, I am sure this is the way their algorithm works. So I always think if you are in the right place at the right time you might score something otherwise anything that is worth anything is often snapped up quickly. But sometimes even right place at the right time you still donít score the item as the seller still picks who they sell to.
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    Looking at this thread, its easy to see FB is hype and if you want a true feel for prices, ebay is king not FailBook lol

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    I'll buy off of someone in a FB group if he/she is selling something I'm looking for, but that rarely happens anymore, as most items being sold are of the 3 3/4" type and quite a bit of it is way overpriced, IMHO and...I'm not collecting 3 3/4" anymore. As it is, most items I'm picking up are off of eBay or through private contacts/deals.

    On FB, I see lots of the same stock changing hands and each time those items are for sale, the asking price tends to go up, as if a profit is absolutely required even if the asking price is outright ridiculous. (Artificial inflation at its finest.) After a while, though, it becomes self-critiquing to the seller and the mass that many items are worth what everyone thought since many times those items just sit or the asking prices have to be lowered.

    Quite a few times I see high-priced SW sales threads just sit on FB, but then get moved to eBay (at a higher mark up to offset eBay and PayPal costs) and the item sells. I question sales like that anymore, because it's too easy to have a friend (or alt account) buy the item at asking price on eBay then cancel the auction later for an unpaid item. (Again, artificially inflate the market.)

    I believe these things are happening more often than most think.
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